#ClearFlynnNow – The Power of Meme Testing

In this article, I’m going to provide a set of 5 memes all on the topic of our hashtag campaign.  I hope you’ll follow me at Twitter, @ThyConsigliori as well as Joshua Macias @JoshuaMacias, like or retweet your favorite, and invite all your fellow General Flynn supporters to join in as well.  The results coming in are amazing, and the test has only been running a few hours at the time of this writing (February 17, 3:30 PM EST).  Twitter offers incredible tracking power in something called Tweet Activity, so we can know the results of the test with absolute precision.  Following the memes, I’ll discuss the testing process a bit more, look forward to coming stages of our campaign, and paint a crystal clear vision of campaign victory: General Flynn’s 100% exoneration, the complete restoration of his public honor, entirely repaired reputation, and the full return of his strong voice.

Here are the 5 Memes for your consideration:


                     Meme 1


Meme 2



Meme 3                           











                           Meme 4










Meme 5


If you already have a favorite, please head over to my Twitter profile, where you’ll find the test pinned to the top.  Then, like or retweet your favorite and you’ve joined the campaign by that simple act.

Also, however, don’t be afraid to offer any ideas, or come up with your own contenders if you enjoy making memes yourself.  Once we have the results of this test in and close it down, we’ll go into analysis mode and generate more memes with which to run a second test.  We’ll continue testing as long as the process is fun and interesting, or until we find a true, runaway winner.  One of the most positive parts of this process is that, while we’re engaging in the testing phase, we’re also living up to the mission itself and getting the word out, farther and farther.

If you’ve read the previous articles on our hashtag campaign, you know our goal is to win General Flynn’s full and complete exoneration.  We won’t stop until his reputation has been fully restored from the horrible and criminal attacks perpetrated against him.  The testing phase empowers great growth in our reach.

Once we find our ultimate winner, we will then convert from the Testing Phase to what I call the Concentration of Force Phase.  At that point, our goal will be to come as close to flooding the internet with that one meme as our movement is capable.  Traditional media views social media, rightly, as a competitor and they do not like to report on social media movements for obvious reasons.  But, if our campaign attains true critical mass, our voice will grow so loud that even they will find themselves reporting on us.

This is important because the Washington DC bubble ONLY pays attention to what breaks through into traditional media.  It is also important that our movement find its voice in the halls of power directly, so that our House Representatives and Senators in Congress hear about our will, and grow to fear our presence at the polls in coming elections.  In spite of the fact that those steps obviously in front of us, it is absolutely important for us to build an invincible and unassailable vision of unconditional victory.  We will not stop until General Flynn has been cleared, fully, 100% and has had his full voice, honor and reputation restored.  We can and will achieve this.

Returning to our current testing project, after you’ve selected your own favorite meme, please reach out to your friends and encourage them to join us.  Share this article, and recruit them to join in the testing.  And encourage them to reach forward to their friends as well.  The technical term for this is Network Effect.  If you remember the first fax machines, or the first cell phones, you know that they were very expensive and hardly useful.  They succeeded, however, as more and more Nodes – which is just a single unit, a single fax machine or a single phone – were added to the network.  There is a Tipping Point that occurs when the network itself begins to grow more and more rapidly, unit costs start to drop, and then values begin soaring explosively.  The exact same phenomenon occurs whenever a viral movement occurs in social media.

It is that tipping point that we seek, and the process of testing our memes is one of the most critical steps on the path.  We have every reason to expect that our finalist, the winning meme will attain true viral force.

By Pasquale (Pat) Scopelliti – @ThyConsigliori | Foreward By Joshua Macias @JoshuaMacias

Testing The Data, How We Moved From #PardonFlynnNow to #ClearFlynnNow

Testing The Data, How We Moved From #PardonFlynnNow to #ClearFlynnNow

By Pat Scopelliti – @ThyConsigliori – and Kate Scopelliti | Foreward by @JoshuaMacias

To get your hashtag right, you must target the broadest number of people while hitting them with the greatest emotional impact. The thing is, if even the slightest nuance is off intellectually, the message will not cut straight to the heart.  For instance, in our current campaign which some of you have been following, the word “pardon” could ONLY entail an admission of guilt.  Many of General Flynn’s friends and supporters will not accept that admission.  And they do not care about his own admission of guilt one iota, as they are 100% certain he was coerced, using fraudulent, felonious evidence was used in pure and completely illegal entrapment.  These patriots will accept nothing less than a full vacating of the charge against him, and no substitution will be tolerated.

What we had to do was re-sight.  Any form of aiming is, in one way or another, always a type of triangulation.  Picture a rifle.  You must line up your eye, the properly aligned sight at the end of the barrel, and the target in front of you.  This is a triangle, which is the source of the word “triangulation”.

A powerful hashtag is also a perfect glass. It holds all the thoughts the user has on the topic, without logical contradiction or compromise.  In our case, the term “clear” is perfect. Calmly, coolly, yet with firmness and unflagging resolution, we may state our request in these simple terms:


A word of recognition must be given to three people. The first is Saul Montes-Bradley @Debradekai. He has done an amazing amount of work on General Flynn’s story, and he flat out contradicted me at every turn over the term “Pardon” and made his case with irresistible force. Second, Barbara Ledeen @BarbaraLedeen not only agreed with Saul, she also identified the new hashtag as spot on. The third is Davd C – @ingeniustech. It was he who explained the logic of how “Pardon” was wrong and gave the recommendation for “Clear” in its place. My respect and gratitude to you all.

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Why the Hashtag Campaign, #PardonFlynnNow, is So Important and Timely

#PardonFlynnNow #WeStandWithFlynn are synonymous with the Hashtag campaigns of  #VeteransForTrump during the #MAGA campaign. I am always empowered by our communications Director Pasquale Scopelliti assessments. He is one of the best analysts I have ever worked with!


Why the Hashtag Campaign, #PardonFlynnNow, is So Important and Timely

By Pat Scopelliti – @ThyConsigliori – and Kate Scopelliti



In the wake of the newly released House Intelligence memo, there is much analysis being proffered and much yet to be learned.  It is, however, the perspective of this analysis that insufficient attention is being focused on a most important implication.  The one man in all of America who has suffered most unjustly and most cruelly is Lt. General Mike Flynn.  He is the true victim of injustice here, in more costly ways, and for less cause than anyone else.


The simple sketch of the relevant facts thus far is easy to follow.  The Democrats paid for false research.  They ensured it was fed into both the intelligence community and the FBI and DOJ.  FISA court warrants were fraudulently procured on this basis.  At the same time, General Flynn was specifically targeted, set up, trapped and lost his position in the White House as a near immediate result.  During these attacks, he was also made the subject of a false investigation – the fix was completely in – which was utterly poisoned by its purposeful targeting of an innocent patriot for political, vindictive and corrupt reasons.  Then, once the Special Investigation unit was set up, they immediately pushed forward to the point of a falsely based prosecution.


At this point, these facts – in light of what we now know from the memo – demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt that General Flynn’s prosecution was not actually that; it was pure persecution, illegal, and entirely baseless.  Thus, there can be no doubt remaining that his prosecution has no proper standing in justice.  It is, in fact, the most egregious injustice of this tragic travesty, with one exception – the damage done to Rule of Law in our nation.


There is a campaign that we the people must engage.  All patriots who detest injustice, who wish to provide relief for the warrior who has suffered this vile corruption, must now find their voice.  Fortunately, social media provides a proven vehicle to express our outrage and recruit forces to concentrate on a single, simple, powerful good.  We must let the world know that we want this injustice against General Flynn to stop…NOW.


The one person who has the power to end this is President Trump.  He has the power of pardon and may use it at any time of his choosing.  It is our mission to loudly and persistently request that he do so, now.  If we join together as a social movement, we absolutely can create the voice required to be clearly heard by our Commander-in-Chief.  Further, should he decide to pardon General Flynn, we can assure him of our total support for that most appropriate action.


We should be confident that now IS the time.  Why?  There can be no further gain from forcing General Flynn to endure continued prosecution/persecution.  The gain for the President, and for the nation is most simply and effectively summed up by the term: Rule of Law.  If the President pardons General Flynn now, the pure justice of the act will resound:  When the American justice system is co-opted, corrective action through Rule of Law will be certain.  The President’s pardon will reach forward with an assurance and healing power necessary for us all.


So, what must we do?  We must speak on Twitter and Facebook, and all other social media.  We must build up the standing, the ranking if you will, of this particular hashtag:  #PardonFlynnNow.  Sufficient participation – into the millions of uses – will garner traditional media attention, as well as communicate this strong message to President Trump.


Patriots will rejoice once this horrible injustice has been fully and formally addressed.


And, finally, even if the pardon is not granted at this time, imagine how it will affect General Flynn to experience our nation fully behind him and willing to demand justice for him.



DearFlag Campaign Letter

Dear flag I’ve known you most of my life, I recall the first time we met when my mother brought you home after my grandfather’s funeral. You knew him well as he raised you and defended you in World War II in the Pacific theater of War. At the same time my cousin Sir ADM Ramsey in the Mediterranean was setting his sights on victory at Dunkirk and DDay in order to free Europe from fascism. Little did I know that just a few years later my brother would be carrying you overseas in Korea. I always looked at you with pride knowing how many of my family fought alongside you. My father quickly showed me what the Stars and Stripes meant to our family. My father served in the Korean War and protected numerous Shipmates, he later shared how many of those same flags were given to his friends wives.

All my life I have seen the only time that a man in uniform takes a knee in your presence is when you were given to a family member or a friend for the loss of a soldier or sailor. I knew at eleven years old I wanted to serve for your honor, and glory because of God. At eighteen I gave a Solemn Oath to defend all you represent.  I then followed you across the world and saw how with honor and integrity you represented freedom to other nations.  Our enemies feared you and our allies cheered upon your arrival. Whenever I saw you I knew I was back at home or that I was safe once more.  On the arms of soldiers Quickly I saw you run into battle to save the lives of others without fear.  Men and women carried you through the worst conditions and yet you prevailed.
Today you are under attack but I know it’s no different then everyday you have been under attack.  Since you were born all you represent that is good in this world has been under attack.  I have seen how you run into battle for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Knowing full well you might have to sacrifice all.  So while others may look down on you or disrespect you I will always embrace you and lift you up high in order to stand with you!

5 strategies for when you’re forced to wait

5 strategies for when you’re forced to wait

With so many projects underway it can become daunting to keep focused on the things that matter most.  Michael Hyatt as usual hits the nail on the head and brings things back to focus.  – JoshuaMacias

“I am good at a few things. But waiting is not one of them. Whether it’s being put on hold when I call a business, sitting in the waiting room of my dentist’s office, or standing in the airport security line, I am impatient.

Thinking about this, I was reminded of a time when my granddaughter, Libby, landed in the emergency room. She had been showing strange symptoms for a couple of years. Finally, after Libby got violently sick, my daughter, Mindy, took her to the emergency room.

The hospital was unusually busy, so they sat for more than four hours before getting in to see a doctor. He ordered some tests, but you know how that goes: more waiting. The ordeal seemed like it would never end.

At various points our lives, we’re all waiting for something important. Perhaps you are waiting for:

  • Word that you landed that job you want
  • News about a possible raise or promotion
  • Mr. or Ms. Right to show up
  • Your pregnancy test results
  • The judge’s decision on your court case
  • A response to an important email
  • Approval for a loan
  • The answer to a prayer
  • The pain to stop

While I’m still not very good at waiting, I have gotten better. Here are five strategies I am currently using:

  1. Embrace it. I don’t believe anything happens by chance. To say it another way, everything happens for a reason. If I am waiting, there is something for me to learn. Waiting might actually be a gift.
  2. Ask the right questions. I’ve blogged about this recently. An unhelpful question would be “Why can’t they hurry up?” or even “Why is this taking so long?” A better question is “What can I learn while I am waiting?” or “How will this kind of waiting make me stronger?”
  3. Redeem the time. There are lots of things you can do while you are waiting if you are prepared. This is why I rarely go anywhere without my iPad. Worst case, I can read a book on my iPhone.
  4. Encourage someone else. One of the best things you can do when you are waiting is get the attention off yourself. I have to keep reminding myself, “It’s not all about me.” Encouraging someone else while I am waiting doesn’t solve my own problem, of course. But it makes me feel like I am at least doing something—and making a positive contribution.
  5. Trust God. This is the difficult but important part. God has not forgotten about you or me. He not only knows exactly what we need; he knows when we need it. His timing is perfect. I like how Jesus showed up in the story about Lazarus. It looked like he was two days late. His friend had died. But he arrived right on time—for what he wanted to do.

Back to Libby. The good news is that she’s been well now for several years. In fact, she just started seventh grade!

When it comes to patience, I need more schooling as well. Suffice it to say, I have a lot more to learn. This is not easy for me. But I certainly get plenty of opportunities.” – www.MichaelHyatt.com

This article is great for me at a time when patience in the process must be adheared to helping to aid the solution to the Veteran Crisis of 30 Veterans a day dying by self inflicted wounds. in the area of www.sovereignsolutionsllc.com 


Please join your host SUSAN KNOWLES with her guest JOSHUA MACIAS on Stand For Truth Radio on Monday, February 27, 2017. Joshua Macias will be speaking about issues important to all Veterans and to all Americans who love our Veterans.

Joshua Macias shares the grand vision for ending Veteran homelessness across the nation. Following his honorable discharge from the Navy, Joshua had the same experience as every transitional Veteran – he was a hardworking veteran with a strong résumé but no job.

Now, as an expert in business systems and Veteran housing, with over four generations of family involved in real estate, Joshua is an experienced and creative housing crisis problem-solver.

In addition to 16 years of grassroots, faith-based, and nonprofit service,  Joshua founded Vets For Trump in 2016 to insure the Veteran Voice was heard. In fighting the homeless housing crisis Joshua’s contributions started by volunteering as a Project Manager with the 2011 Virginia Beach Extreme Home Makeover project.

Continuing as Co-Founder of Veterans Homefront whose team was honored as a key instrument in the 100 day governor challenge in 2014.  This success allowed Virginia recognition to be the only one to reach functional zero in Veteran Homelessness.  Most recently Joshua was honored to be designated as Chairman of the Veterans For Trump Coalition growing with his team the largest Veteran Coalition seen since World War II around a President.

Joshua spends his days speaking to business owners, congressmen and women, cabinet members and their policy makers alike.  Working with the Vets For Trump team he maintains communication with 500,000 grassroots Veterans asking for change in their backyard through Vets-For-Trump.com.  Alongside 2nd District Congressman Scott Taylor Joshua looks to create jobs supporting the DOD as well as our Veteran Communities. As a Bio-Technology innovator Joshua continues on his track for PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology working on projects in B.C.I (Brain Computer Interface).

As a father of three young boys, Joshua believes in modeling philanthropy and has devoted his time to creating housing solutions across the country. He hopes to set an example, for both his sons and others in the community, by establishing a legacy of Veteran housing assistance, Veteran Activism, Technology and Social Integration.

You can read more on his projects and endeavors at www.joshumacias.com or Twitter @JoshuaMacias or FB @JoshuaMaciasTeam

Date: February 27, 2017
Time: 6:00 p.m
Outlet: Stand For Truth Radio
Location: US
Format: Podcast

Goto my contact page for more insight or to engage in business opportunities to support the community.

Qualifying for $1M In Real Estate

“How I Went From $0 Net Worth to Qualifying for $1M in Real Estate Financing in 2.5 Years

by Scott Trench | BiggerPockets.com”


By far one of the best written articles on beginner real estate investing! I believe this to be of the utmost importance for all investors getting started in real estate to follow this path. I too followed a similar path in building my portfolio and suggest you do the same! I hope you find motivation and inspiration in this article. –  Joshua


“I just talked to a lender that prequalified me for over $1 million in financing. This is a conventional mortgage broker—not a friend, not a family member. This is a loan at the best rates available.
That’s $1 MILLION.

I don’t earn a ridiculously high salary, and I don’t have a tremendous amount of cash.

In this article, I want to talk about a reward that I did not foresee when I started investing in real estate. I want to talk about how I went from a position of approximately $0 in net worth just two and a half years ago to a position in which I am able to single-handedly purchase around a million dollars in real estate, right now, using conventional or even FHA financing.

For the foreseeable future, at least until I screw up badly or the economy collapses, I will have no problem getting access to real estate financing. This is in sharp contrast to most of my white-collar peers, for a reason that I will convey below. Please note that this article is written for investors who aspire to build real estate wealth while working a full-time job, not folks who are more on the “entrepreneurial” side of real estate investing, who fix and flip, rehab, or manage properties full-time.

See, the two things that hold most would-be part-time investors back from investing in real estate are their cash position and their access to financing.

In my opinion, accumulating cash is actually the easy part. I chose to do it by systematically saving my wage income of just under $50,000 per year (yes, after paying taxes on that income), working hard at my job and changing jobs to earn more money over the last few years, and investing passively in index funds. While that may sound hard to some people, the fact of the matter is that pretty much anyone who works a median income job in a city that isn’t LA, SFO, or NYC can give themselves a great shot at saving up the down payment on a rental property in under two to three years. It could take less than one year if they house hack, as I did here in Denver while earning less than $50,000 per year. For example, conventional lenders will typically only lend to first-time investors if the investor can bring 15-25% down (15% on a single family rental or a duplex and 25% on a triplex or quadplex). That’s $45,000-$75,000 in cash on a $300,000 property. That’s a challenge for many people, but not for a big saver with a few years in the workforce.


The Big Newbie Investor Issue: Access to Financing

The cash problem is solved simply through consistency and time. Again, it’s not the hard part; the hard part for many people is actually the access to financing. If you are a saver, you will eventually have no problem coming up with the cash to put 15% to 25% down on rentals with conventional financing. The real challenge you might run into is that your income isn’t high enough to qualify you for financing. The challenge is that most lenders won’t lend to folks to create an environment where their financing costs are more than 35% their income.

What does this mean in reality? Consider the following example:

Joey makes $85,000 per year and has $40,000 in lifetime savings outside of his retirement account. His lender tells him that this qualifies him for a maximum mortgage loan of approximately $400,000. The reason he is qualified for that amount, at maximum, is because the debt service, including principal, interest, taxes, and insurance, on a $400,000 loan is about $2,500 per month, or roughly 35% of his monthly paycheck.

So what does Joey do with this information? Well, he buys a $440,000 primary residence, putting roughly 10% down, and stretches himself to his absolute financial limits to live in the best home he could possibly purchase. Unfortunately, this wipes out his ability to save cash (a huge chunk of his paycheck goes to his mortgage), his current cash position (used for the downpayment), and his ability to get access to future financing (his debt to income ratio is maxed out, and lenders will no longer offer him credit)!

Fast forward a year or so, and Joey now decides that he would like to achieve early financial freedom in part through real estate investing. He goes to his lender, and his lender tells him this:

“I’m sorry, but you will need 15-25% in the form of a down payment AND enough income such that you can cover both your home mortgage AND the rental property’s mortgage. Because you have no history as a landlord, we cannot count any rental income towards your purchase. It may be quite some time before we can offer you a loan for a rental property.”

Joey is in a really bad position to begin investing in real estate. The reality of the situation is this:

If Joey wants to buy a second $400,000 property as a rental, he will need to accumulate $60,000 to $100,000 in cash AND increase his income to $140,000 -$155,000 per year in order to qualify for a loan.

Folks, this is the position that many BiggerPockets readers are starting in! They earn solid salaries, but have little cash accumulated and debts, like a mortgage, that inhibit their ability to borrow. Joey is forced to buy tiny rentals to get started, rentals that will have little impact on his overall financial position and that may not be available or desirable to him, depending on his location. These rentals will produce income and wealth that is insignificant relative to his wage income and are more likely to annoy him than encourage him. Unless Joey has equity in his home and is willing to leverage that to invest, he is a long way away from building significant passive income from real estate.

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The Less Painful Route to Bank-Financed Rentals

But, I, Scott Trench, have avoided this predicament.

How, you ask?

By buying my first home as a house hack.

Unlike our poor friend Joey, I do not have any trouble accumulating cash or getting access to future financing. I’ve saved thousands of dollars per month compared to folks like Joey for years by house hacking and having my tenants cover all of my mortgage. I have passive real estate income. I have cash AND access to financing, all I could want.

When I go to the lender, you know what he tells me?

“Mr. Trench, I see that you have a wage income of $______. This income qualifies you for a mortgage of hundreds of thousands of dollars on its own as an upper-middle-class wage-earner at a respectable corporation.

Additionally, in your case, your current mortgages do not count against this income because the payments, including principal, interest, taxes, and insurance, are wholly offset by the rents your current properties receive. In fact, because we allow 75% of the gross rents your properties command to count towards your income, your current properties actually increase your ability to borrow.

Let’s add an extra couple hundred thousand dollars to your purchasing power.

Oh, and Mr. Trench, I forgot to mention. Did you know that because you are landlord with two years of experience, verified by your tax returns, that you can actually use the expected rent from a future property to count towards your purchasing power? That’s right, if you buy a property with four units and each unit is estimated to command $1,500 in rent, we can tack on 75% of that rent (or $4,500 in monthly income) to help you qualify for a loan?

Let’s add yet another extra couple hundred thousand dollars to your purchasing power.”

My eyeballs exploded when I saw the amounts that my lender was willing to offer me for my next purchase(s). I can, right now, buy property at well over seven figures in value (using a combination of low-down-payment loans like FHA and 5% down conventional), assuming I house hack (move in and put down 3.5%-5% on one very expensive quadplex and purchase one much less expensive duplex or single family). Of course, I plan to remain conservative and am looking to purchase properties under $600,000 this year—but wow!

Financial Freedom the Easy Way

So, what’s the real difference between Joey and me in the eyes of the lender? The difference is I have two years of landlording experience and no debt with service that is not covered, with room to spare by the gross rents of my properties. You reach a real breakthrough point as a part-time investor when you get those first two years of rental history under your belt and are able to qualify for significantly more financing.

I, with my experience as a house hacker landlord, find it very easy to get a loan at a great interest rate. Shockingly easy. Joey will find it extremely difficult. My ability to buy real estate is perpetually increasing and is, at this point, basically limited only to what I can bring to the table in cash. Joey cannot get a loan without another co-signer, unless he can convince a private lender to give him money, likely on unfavorable commercial terms with high rates and origination fees. Joey is limited by both his cash and income. I am not. Joey may never get started and will have to fight very hard to get his business off the ground. I can offer on property worth more than Joey’s house every single year if I like.

The reason for my advantage is entirely due to the fact that I “put in my dues” for two years by house hacking instead of buying a primary residence with my first purchase. Had I not house hacked and used my first large loan to help me generate rental income, I might be in Joey’s position struggling to save and earn more. My first rental purchase would likely be years away and/or a very small property in a less-than-desirable area (unless I was willing to sell my home and start over by house hacking–unlikely if I was settled into my home). I would not believe myself to be “conservative” in looking to purchase property priced as high as $600,000. I would not have the option to purchase property approaching or exceeding seven figures in value.

This is not an argument against buying a nice home. I intend to buy a nice home one day. But that purchase is at least a few years away. I’ll buy the fancy home when my house hacking income can easily cover the mortgage payment. My argument is to delay the purchase of that first home, at least for two years, while one becomes a landlord the easy way, through house hacking. Or, at the very least, buy a home at a price point so conservative that you could easily buy two, and make a second property as a rental.

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Get the process started with a rental property that cash flows reasonably before buying a long-term primary residence at the upper bounds of your purchasing power. Put in your first year or two, and watch opportunities multiply in front of you. Do whatever you need to do to buy a solid rental property, large or small, and put yourself in a position where you can use the rent from your current and future purchases to help you out with your next purchase.

Then, when you have passive income, plenty of cash, and a proven track record, buy the nice home if desired.

If you can get started and set yourself up over the next few years such that you can save thousands of dollars per month and use your current and expected future rental income to purchase property, you may find real estate investing to be easy, fun, and automatic rather than something almost unattainable. Too many folks on BiggerPockets are spinning their wheels trying to get into real estate investing because they used up all of their purchasing power on a primary residence. In fact, the only set of circumstances that allows folks who buy their first homes to invest is when they experience a lot of appreciation on that home very quickly. That’s a big gamble to take, and that financial benefit would only be exaggerated if it were a rental property. If you do decide to max out on your first home purchase, you might find that financial freedom through real estate is decades farther away than it needs to be.

Looking to set yourself up for life as early as possible and enjoy time on your terms? Scott Trench’s new book Set for Life, slated for release April 23, 2017, is now available for pre-sale! Whether you’d like to “retire” from wage-paying work, become less dependent on your demanding nine-to-five, or simply spend time doing what you love, Set for Life will give you a plan to get there. This isn’t about saving up a nest egg. It’s not about setting aside money for a “rainy day.” Set for Life is an actionable guide that helps readers build the accessible wealth they need to achieve early financial freedom.”