How to Regain Interior Margin Through the Practice of Stillness | Michael Hyatt

“The art of “Calm” is one that is lost in our world.  Here Micheal Hyatt speaks more about the concept of stillness.  I personally insure that each morning I have a 30min moment of stillness to reflect and review my Plan of the Day before implementing it.  Here are Michaels thoughts on the topic in his resent podcast; links provided below.”  – Joshua Macias

“We live in a crazy noisy world. It’s like there’s a war on stillness. You can’t go anywhere without being subjected to an unrelenting stream of voices, music, sounds, and noise.


This is an assault on our soul. It robs us of our energy and our focus. We spend our days endlessly distracted by trivial things instead of paying attention to those things that matter most.

The key to regaining our sanity is to practice the ancient art of stillness.

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While I don’t have enough experience on this subject to speak authoritatively, maybe that is a benefit. I have forgotten what it is like to be ‟a beginner.”

So in that spirit, let me offer a few suggestions for how you can practice stillness in your own journey and reclaim some interior margin.

  1. Schedule a time.
  2. Find a place.
  3. Set a timer.
  4. Relax your body.
  5. Quiet your mind.
  6. Be present.
  7. Learn to return.

Perhaps the most important thing is just to start. It’s easy to blow the discipline of stillness off as something you don’t have time for. Don’t. The busier you are the more important it is.

You need this in your life more than you know. Even if you can only set aside five minutes a day, do it. And if you miss a day or two, don’t beat yourself up. Just start again. – Michael Hyatt”