The New Detroit! Tech Leap Frogging.

Detroit is one of those cities that America has left behind socially and a great exodus of influence and support left a generation ago.  I have many close friends who are deeply rooted in the Detroit Region that continue to thrive today working and laboring to improve or enrich their community in new ways.  I appreciate the TrueGrit which continues to play through in todays society and business circles.  I have looked at supporting businesses in and around the Region to  secure ties to a proud city I have much respect for.  Ever impressed by the tech innovations and growth within Ann Arbor I am excited how my professional career has rooted me more into the Region.

A great article which bears the need to amplify is written by re/code writer Liz Gannes where she shares in her own words her personal connection to Detroit both past, present and future.  As a man of faith and science I see all the potential that Detroit has to leap frog other cities in the realm of tech start-ups and companies looking to expand.  With the infrastructure that Detroit has for pulling in major steel and manufacturing it has all that is needed to be the new mecca of tech companies.  Lets not forget it’s strong support of business growth and diverse college graduate population along with it’s low barrier of entry.  Detroit is setup to explode within my generation and I just hope that I will be on the right side of the wave supporting it’s rise into the future I know it belongs in.

I encourage any REIT or Online Storage companies to setup shop in Detroit by purchasing these old manufacturing plants.  Convert them into server farms, tech-incubators, or MAKER spaces.  With the inexpensive cost of overhead and infrastructure Detroit is a solid long term investment within the technology world.

I am sending a shout out to all my friends in Detroit holding down the bunker for future generations.  You epitomize the definition of TrueGrit and continue to inspire America with your resilience!

Check out the series from Liz Gannes for more in depth review HERE.

Mashable | All-American Makers | Puzzlebox Orbit

Thank You Mashable for your recent article about Puzzlebox Orbit encapsulating our recent exposure with The Science Channel’s All-American Maker Show.

“Just weeks into its freshman run on the Science Channel, the network’s new series All-American Makers has highlighted some pretty fun tech, but Wednesday’s episode might have some of the coolest yet.

In case you’re not familiar, the idea of the show is to give innovators and entrepreneurs a chance to turn their ideas into big money. It’s kinda of like Shark Tank for the tech savvy.

In the episode, airing at 10 p.m. ET, the show’s panelists — including Printrbot founder Brook Drumm, robotics expert Brian Roe, and venture capitalist Marc Portney — are presented with the Puzzlebox Orbit — a mind-controlled helicopter.


In the clip above, exclusive to Mashable, the very cool toy is taken for a test run that will probably leave you wanting to try it yourself.”



The Puzzlebox Orbit Pitch :

The first step is the pitch, and the panel pulls no punches if they aren’t sold on an idea right out of the gate. But, they will rely on the tests to form their final opinion- Science Channel

Date: February 4, 2015
Time: 10:00 PM EST
Appearance: Puzzlebox Orbit | “All-American Makers”
Outlet: Science Channel | SyFy
Location: NYV, NY
Format: Television

For what it's worth, we just released a robotic flower that blossoms and lights up when you meditate or or focus. It's less... violent (c: []

PuzzleBox Orbit | Science Channel | “All-American Makers”


Many people have asked me over the past week since the promos airing whether or not it was me whom they saw for “All American Makers” while watching the Show MythBusters. To dispel any and all questions for my friends, colleagues and business associates I wanted to confirm that what you saw (or will see tonight) was me and my partner Steve Castellotti.

As my subscribers, friends and business associates are aware I have a background in Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering as well as being a Serial Business Owner/Entrepreneur. This experience and background (along with being the long time close friend of 20 years to Owner and Founder Steve Castellotti of PuzzleBox) brought me to the show to support STEM Education and the products which Puzzlebox has on the open market today. As you can see the show was a blast and we had a lot of fun with the crew, speaking about the science behind the Puzzlebox products.

“Business is not about profit alone but about the people we serve through the products we design” Joshua Macias

At Puzzlebox we are very excited about the upcoming show and how it showcases our company along with other amazing designers, engineers and business owners. By far this was one of the best experiences of my professional career and I look forward to other opportunities should they present themselves.

When I originally wrote this I was traveling on my way to showcase our next product the “Bloom” at CES in Las Vegas. The Bloom is also a Brain Control Interface (BCI) product working extensively with EEG as well as bio-interface technology (i.e SmartWatches etc). It is a true honor to have been selected to support and encourage Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education which is at the core of our reasoning to have the Bloom open source. You can download our open source design for the bloom on our website ( or on ThingiVerse here.

This is a great time for us at Puzzlebox LLC stay tuned as we share more about our 3D printed designs, our latest products and how we can encourage the movement of the NeuroScience industry into the commercial space bringing about innovation, inspiration and education to the market place.