Trump Can Win! Analytical Election Forecast.

“The new support line dates back roughly one month. Clinton is, indeed, a dangerous candidate. And yes, she has broken above steeply descending resistance over the past two days. Let us be clear though, this does NOT put her in any sort of safe space. She is NOT winning right now, in spite of the utterly and overwhelming media blitzkrieg saying that she is. Winning would have looked like an earlier breakout above resistance and a more sustained new formation in the positive direction. No, I’m not predicting anything. I’m simply stating, factually, that this is NOT a victory formation yet. If in coming days a new support formation appears, and is ascending, that will be dangerous. This, right now, has all the appearance of a head fake. We’ll know soon enough, but it’s not looking intimidating to me yet.

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier. A slow, gently rising support line is all I ever ask for. The Max support you see ascends too rapidly to be sustained. The rapid descent of resistance is also too rapid to hold. And, the fact that support was found, even for just one day, yesterday, at the minimum support level you see is a type of beautiful good. We’ll of course see where we go, but if we begin to slowly build forward and upward gently again, we’ll win.

Absolutely tied. Sure, Clinton’s support is up. Yes, Trump’s resistance is down. But, even one day where she drops down a little and he rises up a little indicates that momentum for her and against him is NOT absolute. Even if she does rise above him temporarily in coming days, we still have time to reversed that trend. And, if the actual momentum we had before the video was released is re-attained, then we’ve won for sure. We will know within the next 7 – 14 days, at least as far as the numbers go, here at the macro level.” (C)

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