Why the Hashtag Campaign, #PardonFlynnNow, is So Important and Timely

#PardonFlynnNow #WeStandWithFlynn are synonymous with the Hashtag campaigns of  #VeteransForTrump during the #MAGA campaign. I am always empowered by our communications Director Pasquale Scopelliti assessments. He is one of the best analysts I have ever worked with!


Why the Hashtag Campaign, #PardonFlynnNow, is So Important and Timely

By Pat Scopelliti – @ThyConsigliori – and Kate Scopelliti



In the wake of the newly released House Intelligence memo, there is much analysis being proffered and much yet to be learned.  It is, however, the perspective of this analysis that insufficient attention is being focused on a most important implication.  The one man in all of America who has suffered most unjustly and most cruelly is Lt. General Mike Flynn.  He is the true victim of injustice here, in more costly ways, and for less cause than anyone else.


The simple sketch of the relevant facts thus far is easy to follow.  The Democrats paid for false research.  They ensured it was fed into both the intelligence community and the FBI and DOJ.  FISA court warrants were fraudulently procured on this basis.  At the same time, General Flynn was specifically targeted, set up, trapped and lost his position in the White House as a near immediate result.  During these attacks, he was also made the subject of a false investigation – the fix was completely in – which was utterly poisoned by its purposeful targeting of an innocent patriot for political, vindictive and corrupt reasons.  Then, once the Special Investigation unit was set up, they immediately pushed forward to the point of a falsely based prosecution.


At this point, these facts – in light of what we now know from the memo – demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt that General Flynn’s prosecution was not actually that; it was pure persecution, illegal, and entirely baseless.  Thus, there can be no doubt remaining that his prosecution has no proper standing in justice.  It is, in fact, the most egregious injustice of this tragic travesty, with one exception – the damage done to Rule of Law in our nation.


There is a campaign that we the people must engage.  All patriots who detest injustice, who wish to provide relief for the warrior who has suffered this vile corruption, must now find their voice.  Fortunately, social media provides a proven vehicle to express our outrage and recruit forces to concentrate on a single, simple, powerful good.  We must let the world know that we want this injustice against General Flynn to stop…NOW.


The one person who has the power to end this is President Trump.  He has the power of pardon and may use it at any time of his choosing.  It is our mission to loudly and persistently request that he do so, now.  If we join together as a social movement, we absolutely can create the voice required to be clearly heard by our Commander-in-Chief.  Further, should he decide to pardon General Flynn, we can assure him of our total support for that most appropriate action.


We should be confident that now IS the time.  Why?  There can be no further gain from forcing General Flynn to endure continued prosecution/persecution.  The gain for the President, and for the nation is most simply and effectively summed up by the term: Rule of Law.  If the President pardons General Flynn now, the pure justice of the act will resound:  When the American justice system is co-opted, corrective action through Rule of Law will be certain.  The President’s pardon will reach forward with an assurance and healing power necessary for us all.


So, what must we do?  We must speak on Twitter and Facebook, and all other social media.  We must build up the standing, the ranking if you will, of this particular hashtag:  #PardonFlynnNow.  Sufficient participation – into the millions of uses – will garner traditional media attention, as well as communicate this strong message to President Trump.


Patriots will rejoice once this horrible injustice has been fully and formally addressed.


And, finally, even if the pardon is not granted at this time, imagine how it will affect General Flynn to experience our nation fully behind him and willing to demand justice for him.



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