#ClearFlynnNow – The Power of Meme Testing

In this article, I’m going to provide a set of 5 memes all on the topic of our hashtag campaign.  I hope you’ll follow me at Twitter, @ThyConsigliori as well as Joshua Macias @JoshuaMacias, like or retweet your favorite, and invite all your fellow General Flynn supporters to join in as well.  The results coming in are amazing, and the test has only been running a few hours at the time of this writing (February 17, 3:30 PM EST).  Twitter offers incredible tracking power in something called Tweet Activity, so we can know the results of the test with absolute precision.  Following the memes, I’ll discuss the testing process a bit more, look forward to coming stages of our campaign, and paint a crystal clear vision of campaign victory: General Flynn’s 100% exoneration, the complete restoration of his public honor, entirely repaired reputation, and the full return of his strong voice.

Here are the 5 Memes for your consideration:


                     Meme 1


Meme 2



Meme 3                           











                           Meme 4










Meme 5


If you already have a favorite, please head over to my Twitter profile, where you’ll find the test pinned to the top.  Then, like or retweet your favorite and you’ve joined the campaign by that simple act.

Also, however, don’t be afraid to offer any ideas, or come up with your own contenders if you enjoy making memes yourself.  Once we have the results of this test in and close it down, we’ll go into analysis mode and generate more memes with which to run a second test.  We’ll continue testing as long as the process is fun and interesting, or until we find a true, runaway winner.  One of the most positive parts of this process is that, while we’re engaging in the testing phase, we’re also living up to the mission itself and getting the word out, farther and farther.

If you’ve read the previous articles on our hashtag campaign, you know our goal is to win General Flynn’s full and complete exoneration.  We won’t stop until his reputation has been fully restored from the horrible and criminal attacks perpetrated against him.  The testing phase empowers great growth in our reach.

Once we find our ultimate winner, we will then convert from the Testing Phase to what I call the Concentration of Force Phase.  At that point, our goal will be to come as close to flooding the internet with that one meme as our movement is capable.  Traditional media views social media, rightly, as a competitor and they do not like to report on social media movements for obvious reasons.  But, if our campaign attains true critical mass, our voice will grow so loud that even they will find themselves reporting on us.

This is important because the Washington DC bubble ONLY pays attention to what breaks through into traditional media.  It is also important that our movement find its voice in the halls of power directly, so that our House Representatives and Senators in Congress hear about our will, and grow to fear our presence at the polls in coming elections.  In spite of the fact that those steps obviously in front of us, it is absolutely important for us to build an invincible and unassailable vision of unconditional victory.  We will not stop until General Flynn has been cleared, fully, 100% and has had his full voice, honor and reputation restored.  We can and will achieve this.

Returning to our current testing project, after you’ve selected your own favorite meme, please reach out to your friends and encourage them to join us.  Share this article, and recruit them to join in the testing.  And encourage them to reach forward to their friends as well.  The technical term for this is Network Effect.  If you remember the first fax machines, or the first cell phones, you know that they were very expensive and hardly useful.  They succeeded, however, as more and more Nodes – which is just a single unit, a single fax machine or a single phone – were added to the network.  There is a Tipping Point that occurs when the network itself begins to grow more and more rapidly, unit costs start to drop, and then values begin soaring explosively.  The exact same phenomenon occurs whenever a viral movement occurs in social media.

It is that tipping point that we seek, and the process of testing our memes is one of the most critical steps on the path.  We have every reason to expect that our finalist, the winning meme will attain true viral force.

By Pasquale (Pat) Scopelliti – @ThyConsigliori | Foreward By Joshua Macias @JoshuaMacias

Testing The Data, How We Moved From #PardonFlynnNow to #ClearFlynnNow

Testing The Data, How We Moved From #PardonFlynnNow to #ClearFlynnNow

By Pat Scopelliti – @ThyConsigliori – and Kate Scopelliti | Foreward by @JoshuaMacias

To get your hashtag right, you must target the broadest number of people while hitting them with the greatest emotional impact. The thing is, if even the slightest nuance is off intellectually, the message will not cut straight to the heart.  For instance, in our current campaign which some of you have been following, the word “pardon” could ONLY entail an admission of guilt.  Many of General Flynn’s friends and supporters will not accept that admission.  And they do not care about his own admission of guilt one iota, as they are 100% certain he was coerced, using fraudulent, felonious evidence was used in pure and completely illegal entrapment.  These patriots will accept nothing less than a full vacating of the charge against him, and no substitution will be tolerated.

What we had to do was re-sight.  Any form of aiming is, in one way or another, always a type of triangulation.  Picture a rifle.  You must line up your eye, the properly aligned sight at the end of the barrel, and the target in front of you.  This is a triangle, which is the source of the word “triangulation”.

A powerful hashtag is also a perfect glass. It holds all the thoughts the user has on the topic, without logical contradiction or compromise.  In our case, the term “clear” is perfect. Calmly, coolly, yet with firmness and unflagging resolution, we may state our request in these simple terms:


A word of recognition must be given to three people. The first is Saul Montes-Bradley @Debradekai. He has done an amazing amount of work on General Flynn’s story, and he flat out contradicted me at every turn over the term “Pardon” and made his case with irresistible force. Second, Barbara Ledeen @BarbaraLedeen not only agreed with Saul, she also identified the new hashtag as spot on. The third is Davd C – @ingeniustech. It was he who explained the logic of how “Pardon” was wrong and gave the recommendation for “Clear” in its place. My respect and gratitude to you all.